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  • Wood bead:8mm /Length:33'' (about 7'' in 4 loops)/108 prayer beads bracelet/necklace.

  • Sends forth the light incense. Symbolizes good wealth,health, safe and best wishes.

  • Natural Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Tibetan Buddhist Mala Beads Bracelets Necklace.

  • Malas are used for keeping count while reciting,chanting,or mentally repeating a names of a deity. In Tibetan Buddhism, traditionally malas of 108 beads are used.Doing one 108-bead mala counts as 100 mantra recitations, the extra repetitions done to amend any mistakes in pronunciation or other faults of recitation.

  • Comes with a velvet bag printed with the brand name "Top Plaza".Suitable for any occasion,it is a perfect gift for christmas/mother's day/birthday/wedding/graduation/valentine's day! good for going party or banquet.

Top Plaza Unisex 108 Natural Wood 6mm 8mm Beads Bracelet Buddhist Rosary Mala Necklace8mm Sandalwood Duobao |